Developable Private Island in Greece Featured

Developable Private Island in Greece
Developable Private Island in Greece
Developable Private Island in Greece
Developable Private Island in Greece
  • Private island in exclusive area of the Ionian Sea
  • Approximate net area of 400 hectares and coastline of 10.5 km
  • Approximately 125 developable hectares free of forestry constraints
  • Allows construction of approx. 350,000 m² of housing/tourism/resort uses
  • Highest point at an altitude of 134 m offers smooth inclines and open views
  • Secure location, with difficult access from most of the coastline
  • Most eligible island for development in this coveted part of the Mediterranean Sea
  • A 10 km long network of tracks
  • Fertile land, with own water supply and history of farm production

Arkoudi has a net surface area of approximately 400 hectares and a coastline of 10.5 kilometers making it the largest of the small islands in the area.

Approximately 275 hectares of the 400 hectare site, (20 hectares are shore area), have been classified as private forest area, while the remaining 125 hectares are available for development. This area has been marked on the ground. Allows construction of approximately 350,000 m² of housing, tourism and resort uses.

The surface of the island with its highest point at an altitude of 134 m has smooth inclines, offering open views in all directions.

The greatest part of the 10.5 km perimeter makes direct access to land from the sea difficult, constituting it a very secure location. Currently, access by sea can be achieved from a beach on the eastern side of the island. Other parts of the coastline might be developed to provide access to the island.

A 10 km network of damaged tracks, used for hauling produce, has been located and marked, forming the basis of a possible road network and plot subdivision.

The island is full of lush greenery as in the past it was used as agricultural land.

Arkoudi which in ancient times was named Asteris is an island situated in the IoPrivate island in the exclusive area of the Ionian Sea

Arkoudi which in ancient times was named Asteris is an island situated in the Ionian Sea, between the larger populated islands of Kefallonia (Cephalonia), Ithaki, Lefkada (Lefkas) and Meganissi and numerous smaller islands. Arkoudi is 3.8 NM from from Sivota on the southern coast of Lefkas, 7.8 NM from Fiskardho on the northern tip of Kefallonia and 10.7 NM from Ithaki. Furthermore, the international Airport of Aktion (Preveza) which can accommodate large aircraft is 55km from Sivota by car or 22 NM on a straight line facilitating easy access via helicopter.

This part of the Ionian Sea is full of history and natural beauty and attracts yachting aficionados from all over Europe due to its beautiful coastline and calm seas. Many tales are focused in the area with nearby Ithaki as the island of Ulysses, Kefallonia the island where “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” is set and the legacy of Aristotle Onassis evident in many parts of Lefkas and his private island Scorpios.

High profile properties in the area include Scorpios and Sparti (former Onassis islands recently acquired by Ribolovlev who also acquired neighbouring Skorpidi Island),  Atokos (belongs to the Tsakos shipping family), Kythros (which together with a site on neighbouring Meganissi belongs to a company under Rothchild and Munk groups) and further to the southeast Oxeia (acquired by the former Emir of Qatar).


Property info

Headline 420 ha with 125 ha cleared for development
Property Type Plot
Transaction Type Sale
Size 4,000,000
Address Ionian Sea
Structured Disposal No


Prefecture (District for Cyprus) KEFALLINIAS
Neighborhood Arkoudi