Property Management

Assets become opportunities when our teams partner with owners to maximize the value of their properties.

What we do

We know that every property and every client is different. That's why our asset and property management experts help owners develop a unique solution for each asset in our care. We leverage our size, range of services and local knowledge to drive performance.

How you benefit

In Greece, CBRE Atria is the pioneer of active property management on behalf of institutional investors as well as occupiers.

Our clients trust us to keep their properties in optimum condition, as well as maximizing their net rental income over both the short and long term and to control the technical quality of the properties. We understand the specificness of the different commercial properties and its management, either offices, industrial areas or shopping centers.


Relevant Case studies

Key Contact

Yiannis Stamatelos

General Manager of Property Management

T: +30 213 0169530