About Axies

Axies is one of the most reliable valuations services providers in Greece. Combining advantageously our extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Greek market with the application of internationally accepted analysis practices, we have carried out a substantial number of appraisal and evaluation projects ranging from small-scale studies to the participation in landmark undertakings for the development of the Greek economy, contracted by major customers in Greece and abroad. Our guiding principle is the conviction that surveyors owe customers a high duty of care, as the information they provide will lead to key business decisions.

The company was established as a spin-off of Lambert Smith Hampton Hellas S.A. in 1990, and keeps on providing a broad spectrum of high-end services, unparalleled by Greek standards.

Our Services

Thanks to our long-standing expertise and specially trained staff, we provide a broad scope of study and valuation services.

  • commercial and residential (self-contained buildings or parts thereof, office and retail premises, shopping centres, residential buildings, parking facilities, cinemas or theatres, buildings under construction, etc)
    • urban and non urban designated land parcels (in urban, periurban and unzoned rural areas all over Greece)
    • hotels and holiday housing (capital value and business concern assessment)
    • warehouses and industrial property (factories, shipyards, steelworks, quarries, oil refineries, fuel storage and distribution units, petrol stations etc)
    • special properties (islands and skerries, properties of public and private entities that do not belong to the above categories
    • property portfolios
  • Valuations of plant and machinery (electromechanical installations, machinery and equipment)
  • Planning investigation (land use class and development regulations, zoning and development restrictions, coastline issues, as well as environmental, forestal, archaeological and other parameters)
  • Property market research (preparation of local studies, regional or specialized markets, market trends, supply and demand, efficiency evaluation factors)
  • Valuations of real estate rights (usage rights, goodwill, licenses, etc)
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